Voice Search; An Emerging Irish and Worldwide Trend

With Ireland being a tech hub that is growing everyday, there are some emerging trends to be on the lookout for. The combination of brilliant startups, collaboration amongst them and an influx of investment create favourable conditions for the growth of innovative products and concepts that are ahead of the curve.

The development of voice search is one of the most prominent trends to be on the lookout for. Five years ago, we could use Siri or voice search features on some of our devices but the results were mixed. Sometimes Siri didn’t hear you, sometimes she heard too much. Today, we have the ability to control the most simple tasks with our voice. Things like Alexa and Google Home have made it easy to talk to your device and tell it exactly what Image result for Voice Searchit is that you want it to do. You can ask Alexa to make a phone call, play music or even turn the lights off if you are too cozy to get out of bed. Chatbots and robots that recognize our voices are improving constantly to the point that we may soon be able to have seamless two way conversations with our devices.

Where does Ireland fit in this emerging trend? As mentioned, they are leading some of the movement as they have some of “the best of the best” in terms of resources. Google chose Ireland to be the fifth country to release their voice activated speaker systems. The devices were launched in January 2018 and are tailored to the Irish; you can even ask google “What’s the craic?”. Since then, there have been speakers developed by other companies such as Altec Lansing and Anker Innovations that have Google assistant built right in. Voice search is an example of a wave, whereby once it catches on, the innovation and possibilities are endless.