The Mobile Casino App Development Checklist

The process of developing apps for online casinos has become a lot similar in recent years. As developers experience with creating such apps has increased over the years, it has become easier to Image result for licencefind someone with the relevant knowledge who can quite quickly put it together for you (if you have the required gambling licence of course). This is why websites like have managed to become so popular in a short space of time. While developers are definitely able to take care of a lot of the work on your behalf, there are still a few decisions that you’ll have to make yourself to get the app that you want. In this article, we’ll cover a few of them.

The first question to consider is what platforms your app will support. The obvious answers are iOS and Android, but even once you’ve made that decision, there are follow-up questions. Will you support the latest version of Android only or try to make your app backwards compatible with older versions that are still in widespread use? Will you make an iPad friendly version of your iOS app or will iPad users be forced to use the iPhone optimised version on a massive screen? These questions can only be appropriately answered by doing a little bit of market research. Try not to rely on gut instincts as it will only get you so far on your quest.

Secondly comes the question of who will keep your app up to date over the months, and years, that follow on from launch. No app is absolutely perfect from the outset, and even if it were, OS updates would almost certainly introduce new bugs that your developers would need to fix. Make sure you have an idea of who will be doing this, and how much it will cost when you launch the app – not doing so could turn out to be an expensive mistake.