The internet and cyberspace are helpful tools that we could barely live without in today’s society. Technology is everywhere and impacts nearly our every move. Ireland is known to have emerged as an international tech hub with great foundation for large corporations all the way to the smallest tech startup, Ireland has all the factors for tech companies to succeed. With increased innovation in the technology sector and increased dependency on digital and online tools, comes increased risk. These risks include risk of cyber theft, bullying, identity fraud, software malfunctioning, etc. The risks have been recognized and unfortunately proven to be real threats. As such, it makes sense that as the prevalence of tech innovation and start ups increase, the amount of companies that focus on security products and services increase at a paralleled rate.Image result for Website and Online Security

Ireland has attracted global security companies, with names from Intel to Symantec having a strong Irish presence. On the other side of the spectrum, dozens of Irish security companies have popped up and are being used both domestically and internationally. Some of these companies that offer security products, consulting and services, a few of which you may be familiar with, include:

  • Integrity360 – This company offers IT Network Security Services to organizations of varying sizes
  • Vigitrust – this organization focuses more on prevention with awareness being their mantra, offering different courses and services to increase organizations’ level of awareness and preparedness
  • Daon – this company focuses on identity protection mechanisms
  • PixAlert – Protects your data from theft and corruption
  • NetFort – Helps monitor your network and identify trends and unusual activity.
  • BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience – offers consulting and training services to help create an organizational culture of protection and preparedness.
  • Morrigan Partners – this company helps protect mobile devices, apps, data and information
  • SensiPass – focuses on enhanced identity and authentication processes and practices.