Web and software design continue to develop, emerge and evolve in Ireland as the country continues to grow as a tech hub within Europe and for the rest of the world. Part of the focus on web and tech design is the fact that, on top of being home to some of the largest corporate and national names, Dublin is also one of the healthiest tech startup communities in the world. The brains of the corporate world are branching out to create successful startups. This flurry of activity has attracted high profile and wealthy investors and helped create a resource rich (from investors to inventors) startup community that thrives and grows daily. Venture Capital investment in Ireland has almost quadrupled since 2011.

The tech community in Dublin is friendly and open with ideas flowing between individuals and between organizations. Things like web design are taking a more collaborative turn and the connections in the community are not secrets or kept from other start ups. Collaboration builds mass which attracts talent and resources.

Events are a huge part of the startup community. These events draw attention, talent, investors, buyers and partners. Web design and digital marketing play a huge role in these events and ensure that they reach the eyes and ears of the people that are crucial to the events’ success. The events range from happy hours to full blown galas, and everything in between.

The prominence of the tech scene and its continued growth and evolution leave little margin for error as the space continues to get more competitive and saturated. This means that things like your website have to be nearly perfect- no excuses or room for error in something that is a seemingly simple task in a world of advanced technology. In addition, innovation is key in the success and relevance of your tech startup.