If you’ve ever wondered how exactly Ireland popped on the radar of the tech world, you’re in the right place. The growth of the tech sector is not a new concept, it has actually been developing for a long while now. IBM showed up in Ireland in 1956 and it was followed closely by Ericsson in 1957 and then came HP, Microsoft, Oracle among other big names in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The reason was that Ireland offered these companies a wide and diverse workforce with the manufacturing skImage result for How Ireland Became A Tech Giantills and the man and brainpower to help with the growth and innovation of technology.

The talent was the biggest draw for large companies as it is the most important element of the growth and success of a company. Brexit actually put Ireland on the map as one of the only English speaking countries in the Eurozone. There are only 4.5 million people who live in the country but they have access to workforce and human capital of over half a billion people, located all over the continent, another huge advantage for the country.

2009 marked a year of critical masses where Ireland turned away from just tech companies and opened doors almost accidentally to large retailers and those interested in e-commerce on an international level. Today, everyone including Google, Apple, Facebook, Airbnb and so many more have set up camp in what is known as the Silicon Docks of Dublin, a fast paced and fast growing area within the city.

Today, there is a healthy mix of global giants and local firms that exist in Ireland and leverage their skilled workforce and amazing technical knowledge and capabilities. The startup community is thriving as are large retailers and online operations. There is opportunity for tech firms of all sizes and with all different purposes.