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Web Strategic Planning

Whether it's your first foray into online business or you are moving on from earlier approaches, strategic planning is a vital step in ensuring you deliver strong return on investment to your shareholders

Our strategic planning process generally commences with a creative phase where potential ideas are gathered in a non-critical fashion. They are then refined and honed through a critical, informed process, into a set of business objectives. We then proceed along to detailing and budgeting the steps required to implement these business objectives.

The typical headings around which the planning process takes place are listed below. This is adapted to the particular circumstances of your business and organisation structure.

  • Creative business planning process.
  • Business goals and overall objectives.
  • Technical implementation, systems and procedures.
  • Progress, measurement and reporting.
  • Branding, marketing and advertising.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Technical support and ongoing development.
  • Budgets, Schedules & Resources.
  • Overall return on investment.
Strategic Web Builders
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