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Web 2.0/AJAX Advisory Service
What are Web 2.0 and AJAX all about and how do they apply to my business? We can assist you in applying these technologies and ideas to gain competitive advantage.The new generation of web technologies is based on AJAX, which simply replaces the familiar page-by-page interaction with a website with a more dynamic, responsive and desktop-like experience.

By using clean, standards-compliant page designs, we have created some of the most attractive AJAX-based websites you will see in Ireland. Many of our sites, such as Totem Design (with its sweeping page transitions and animated backgrounds) have been mistaken for Flash-based sites.

This kind of technology is most useful when you need to deliver a large or complex amount of information, and when you want to allow your site visitors to get to their destination without confusion or delay. Our best example of this is Enterprise Facility Supplies, with 20,000 products in almost 1,000 categories.
Strategic Web Builders
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