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Get your website seen by its intended audience.

Here's a quick Summary of the key things to pay attention too, in relation to the search engines.

  1. Google, Yahoo and MSN account for the vast majority of all searches - submit your website to these.
  2. Put yourself in the place of the searcher, invent a list of searches that you would ideally like to be found under.
  3. Search engines are for the searcher NOT the searchee, it is important to keep this in mind.
  4. Make sure you site contains relevant and well laid out content. It should contain the phrases and words from the list of searches you invented. If the phrase or word is important turn it into a link with further detail behind.
  5. Depth of content makes you more attractive to search engines, flesh out your content with as much depth as is practical to your situation.
  6. Links into your site from other sites give you a higher prominence - get as many of them as you can, swap links, register to lists etc.
  7. Content should be easily visible to the search engines, for instance hidden content that is not directly accessible no longer gets noticed by Google.
  8. HTML content is given more prominence than Flash based content. This may be an issue for your site. Develop a strategy a to deal with this.
  9. Google adwords is great value and well worth considering, for more active and direct promotion.
  10. A tool called Webposition may be used to improve your ranking. It involves a process of keyword analysis and content updating with regular broad based search engine submissions.

Adnet can provide support and assistance in these and related activities. Adnet work closely with our business partners Interleado, specialists in online lead generation.

Strategic Web Builders
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