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Choose the best software for the job and avoid reinventing the wheel. Adnet offer a software product research service to help you identify the best kit for the job.

Developing custom database and software applications is often not the most practical and cost effective way to service your organisations I.T. needs. Why incur the development costs and take the technical risk if a perfectly good solution, or close fit, is already available commercially or indeed as open source software.

The tricky part can be identifying a suitable software product for your implementation. To help you navigate this territory and make informed decisions Adnet offer a product research service.

  • The process generally commence by putting some detail on the functional requirements of the application. This will typically involve meeting with stakeholders to identify and clarify these requirements.
  • After the production of a requirements document we generally meet to finalize and prioritise the candidate requirements.
  • We next need to identify any technical constraints such as corporate standards, operating environment, integration requirements etc.
  • The next phase is to identify potential software products which meet most or all of the requirements identified, and to do some initial pre-screening by looking at demonstration versions and existing installations if possible.
  • A short list of candidates will then be compared on a matrix which will compare such things as how well it meets the requirements, likely costs of implementation, ease of customisation etc.
  • Production of a final report with summary, budgets, schedules and recommendations.
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