Ireland is on Top of the Digital Simplification Trend

With many US giants like Apple and Microsoft having a significant presence in Ireland, it seems logical that it is one of the few countries ahead of the smart device curve, having access to, and releasing gadgets that are on, or ahead of, the trends we see worldwide. Let’s take a look at another emerging technology trend to be on the lookout for in Ireland, and around the world.

The last decade has redefined the word “smart” for many of us with smartphoImage result for Ireland is on Top of the Digital Simplification Trendnes, smart TVs, tablets, etc. emerging as must-have devices. Apps are now regarded as a part of our daily lives; they wake us up, count our calories, organise our time, and so on. With apps being in constant development, many consumers, (as per studies and surveys), have started feeling overwhelmed and bombarded with the number that they have access to. Apps have gone from being a helpful, sought-after tool, to an in your face annoyance. This has led to the recent emergence of the digital simplification trend. The concept revolves around the idea of developing apps and devices with multiple functionalities, so to centralise many functions and tasks.

For example, smart gadgets can help you to control your home security, surveillance, locks, thermostat and cooling from one central place. This allows you to do everything, from locking your door to turning on your air conditioning at the touch of just one button, making it simple, easy and central; the three things consumers are looking for in devices and technology. Ireland’s technology scene is taking advantage of this opportunity, as studies suggest that the love of smart devices in Ireland, and by the Irish, is at an all-time high. This presents an excellent opportunity for device enhancements and innovation. We are excited to see what will come in 2019 to help us further simplify and centralise our lives.