So you’ve started a business, or maybe you are just passionate about a topic, but either way, you’re looking to design and make a website that will help reach your target audience. Though this sounds logical and like an easy next step, website design is both complex and time consuming. It is important to understand the potential costs of designing a website. How much will you spend exactly? Well the answer to this question is entirely dependent on your expectations, requirements and the quality of work you are expecting. In order to determine these needs and requirements, ask yourself and your business partners the following:Image result for Irish Web Design

  • How important is this website to the success, growth or development of my/our company?
  • What is my budget? This question is extremely important in ensuring that you set boundaries as it is easy to accidentally overspend.
  • What will the return on my investment be in terms of a web presence?
  • How will I determine cost? What is worth more; free time or less investment in my website?
  • What is my timeline and the deadline to completion for the website?
  • Do I want to look for proposals or qualified companies/individuals to design the website or give the business to a friend or family member, or even an internal employee with the right skillset?
  • What are the key pages of my website?
  • What are my top 5 websites that I love in terms of design and layout?
  • What are the various functionalities that I absolutely need built in to my website? What are the functionalities that would be nice to have but may not be absolutely necessary?
  • What is my ongoing budget for web maintenance development and digital marketing?
  • Should I hire a content writer and/or photographer or image specialist?

If you can flesh out the answers to these questions, you’ve actually taken the first step in developing a strategy for your project.