There is no one size fits all advice that can be given when it comes to website design in Ireland. Every single website needs to be slightly different in order to take its users into account. This may mean that a complex structure that gives tons of details to visitors is absolutely appropriate for one website, whereas a simple and stripped down approach is right for another. What you always have to keep in mind is the your website’s purpose. If you remember why people are going there and what they will want to achieve while they are browsing your pages, you are far more likely to get them to do what you want, while they spend time on your pages.Image result for Website Design

Always remember that most people come to your website to get a particular thing done or to find out a certain piece of information. They’re not really interested in hearing the story of why you founded your company except in specific circumstances. Of course, if you have a sales funnel that last several days, weeks or months, it may well be appropriate to spend some time setting the scene and convincing people to spend their time and money with you and your business, but in the majority of cases this effort will be superfluous.

A laser-like focus on results and a willingness to constantly change your website to meet the needs of your visitors will help it to fulfil its purpose. Try not to become too precious about a decision that you have to take and remember that at the end of the day, your website is there to do a job for you and encourage your customers to do a particular thing. Remembering those things while building your website and after it has been launched will make the process far easier.