So you want to know exactly how much it is going to cost you to design and develop your website in Ireland. Let’s take a look at the cost breakdown for different options for your business website or page.

Image result for DIY web DesignDIY Design

Naturally, doing it yourself is the most affordable way to develop a website. You can expect to spend around €1000 for a 5-page website on a local host like Joomla. This is simply for the platform. The content development, design, and upkeep are your responsibility, making them free or built-in to an employee’s salary. This is a great option for those on a tight budget but with ample time. There are tons of resources online on how to design a great website, but it is certainly something that takes time and patience.

Small Agency

This is the same expectation of €1000 for the 5 pages plus anywhere from €50 to €100 per page for the design and SEO to ensure that people actually see your page. Overall, for a small agency, expect to be spending €2000 for the most basic services.

Content Management System

This is a great option if you don’t have the internal resources to upkeep or manage your website. If the cost of having someone’s time eaten up with website-related task exceeds the cost of having someone external do it, this is for you. It is pricier with €2000 being the approximate design and consultation cost and the actual system costing another €2000.

Graphic Designer

This is a great option if you are willing to do the work yourself but need a little help getting on your feet and moving in the right direction. You can find a graphic designer who can help you develop templates for as low as €50 per page. The cost depends on who it is and how much help you need.